The reha buddy team gained critical knowledge during respective studies,but is also experienced due to practice. It includes various characters and this mix makes sure to see things from different perspectives. Get a glimpse of the team here:

Harald Jagoš, Andrés Tkachenko, Paul Kressnik and Dietmar Rafolt worked together on several projects at the Medical University of Vienna. In 2018 they decided that research is important, but it is a pity, if no value for the general population is generated. This was the beginning of an endeavour called reha buddy. 

With ongoing development of our solution, we are also developing a strong and pro-active team. Different backgrounds, but a shared vision: creating a meaningful and innovative impact on physical rehabilitation, to ensure health for all on the long run.

Meet the team!

Dr. Harald Jagoš

  • CEO
  • Co-Founder

During his studies, Harald Jagoš developed the mindset of putting research into meaningful action. That is why he focused on Active & Assisted Living (AAL) in the first place, where he worked on projects related to sensor-based gait analysis. After gaining some general experience, he quickly got more responsibilities in national research projects. However, it wasn’t until 2018 when he felt like having the right partners on his side to put efforts into founding the company. Besides being a tea lover (and that might be even an understatement), Harald Jagoš is passionate about statistics – which is a blessing for the medical field, but sometimes a course for students whom he supervises.

Andrés Igor Tkachenko Bril, MSc.

  • CTO
  • Co-Founder

Andrés Tkachenko was born in Ukraine, lived in Spain and moved to Austria for his studies. Initially, the plan was to return to Spain afterwards, but then: life happened and he co-founded reha buddy. He is the mastermind behind the app and also what one would call a perfectionist. Andrés Tkachenko loves loud, electronic music, which he listens to on his self-manufactured speaker boxes preferably.

Paul Kressnik, BSc

  • Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Management
  • Co-founder

Paul Kressnik started in hardware development and quality assurance. When the first became obsolete, he focused on the latter. He is now following his sense for order and structure by building reha buddy’s IT Infrastructure. Furthermore, he is in charge of our certifications and legal matters. When he is not busy with setting up contracts or dealing with quality norms, he trains for triathlons.

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Dietmar Rafolt

  • Co-Founder
  • Scientific Advisor

Biomedical Engineering was an important field already in Dietmar Rafolts years at University. Since many years he is also active as an associate professor at Medical University Vienna and member of various research groups. Also for him it is of great importance to give research a purpose and make it practically available for people. Dietmar Rafolt is mostly assisting reha buddy with his experience and great network in the health tech field.

Mag. Elisabeth Sienčnik

  • CFO
  • CO-Founder

At first, Elisabeth Sienčnik was mentoring reha buddy. Since her entry as a co-founder she is responsible for the financial matters and brings in many years of experience. She loves to question solid structures and makes sure the team stays curious and open for innovative ideas. In any case, a solution-focused approach is her priority!

Katrin Wrulich, MA

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Business Development

When her studies came to an end in late summer 2020, Katrin Wrulich became an official team member after months of freelancing for reha buddy. She loves structure and always starts her office-days by writing a To-Do-List and a coffee – no milk, no sugar. Furthermore, Katrin Wrulich is, together with Dietmar Rafolt, our representative in Graz, where she has lived since 2009.

Blanko Profilbild Männlich

Darijo Barucic

  • Software Development

More info coming soon!

Teodora Mâgurean, BSc.

  • Data Science

Teodora Mâgurean started with an internship in summer 2019. She wrote her bachelor’s thesis with reha buddy, and now added the master’s thesis as well. She collects, analyzes and processes data from physiotherapy exercises for this matter and is, obviously, deeply rooted with the scientific part of reha buddy. Besides that, she is a professional handball player at UHC Müllner Bau Stockerau.

Patrizia Gessa

  • UI/UX Design

More info coming soon!

Advisory Board

Prim. Prof Dr. Katharina Pils

Medical- & Scientific Mentoring

Prim. Prof Dr. Katharina Pils is the Head of the Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at KA Rudolfstiftung Vienna. She supports the founders since many years and was also involved in several research projects and two clinical studies that contributed to the development of reha buddy’s solution. As an Advisory Board member, she adds her comprehensive knowledge in medicine, as well as enriches the development of the firm with her extensive network of contacts.

Dr. Wolfgang Mandl

Strategy and HR

After several years of being active in the fields of HR, Finance and Controlling,  Dr. Wolfgang Mandl is now transferring his knowledge as a consultant. Before that, he was the CEO of Quester Baustoffhandel GmbH and lead the HR team of Hornbach Baumarkt GmbH, both in the Vienna area. Nowadays he is actively involved in the startup field as a business angel. Dr. Wolfgang Mandl supports reha buddy especially in the field of HR and team-related questions.

Bernd Gegenbauer

Expert for telemedicine

Bernd Gegenbauer has been in medical project management and business development for almost 20 years. Ever since, he is passionate about eHealth and telemedicine, which shows in his active participation in networks and working groups organized by the Austrian chamber of commerce. Bernd Gegenbauer is also a board member of “Telemed Austria” and has a comprehensive understanding of the Austrian health system.

Dr. Jakob Gaudernak

Medical- & Practice Advisor

As a practicioner for physical medicine and rehabilitation at the clinic Donaustadt (Wiener Gesundheitsverbund) Dr. Jakob Gaudernak works directly with patients who can be assigned to reha buddy’s defined target group. He has been working with the team since the third clinical pilot study and is considered as an important advisor. This fact, and his interest in the practical application of innovative solutions in clinics make him a perfect fit for the reha buddy advisory.