It’s a pity that most of the scientific research is not used properly to make the world a better place. In fact, research and business often fail to align and miss potential for making an impact. In the case of reha buddy, research is a strong and important part of product development. We recognized that transforming the developed knowledge into a tool that is available to everyone requires one essential step: founding a company.

reha buddy is a spin-off from the Center For Medical Physics And Biomedical Engineering of Medical University of Vienna. We are still into research and that gives us a strong position in the market. Read more about our research and publications!

2018 – Baby steps? Not really

Various research projects in the field of physical rehabilitation have been our starting point. Eventually, we wanted to make our results available and useful. We applied to INITS, a high-tech-incubator in Vienna that hosts so-called “Startup Camps”, and got the chance to be in the 10th Startup Camp cohort. Looking back, that was our stepping stone as we learned quite a lot about the business side of our goal. In the same year, we received confirmation for a Preseed funding by the aws (Austria Wirtschaftsservice), the promotional bank of the Austrian federal government.

reha buddy founders 2018 in Anger bei Weiz at the INITS Kick-off event

2019 – Founding reha buddy gmbh and expanding the team

In 2019 we rented our first office. However, what we created and worked on should not stay within these 4 walls. We were quite active in networking and attended great events, like the 4GameChangers Festival. In summer, we founded reha buddy gmbh and we were absolutely ready for improving and contributing to digitization in health care. It was also when we first thought about getting rid of our sensoric insoles and focusing on smartphone sensors only. As the whole development of reha buddy became more serious, we realized that we need to add new capabilities and experiences to the existing team. Therefore, another highlight of 2019 was definitely hiring our first employee.

2020 – Funding, Projects and Pandemic

2020 was an exceptional year for all of us. Startups claim to be flexible and dynamic – definitely traits reha buddy can be described with as well. In March, an online hackathon (“Hack the Crisis”) helped us meeting experts and collaborating with like-minded people from various backgrounds. However, in 2020 not just external circumstances have been changing – also internal structures were adapted. We now have Elisabeth on board! She supported us since INITS in 2018 and now also invested in reha buddy. Furthermore, we convinced aws once more and were granted Seed-Funding. We can proudly say: “We are funded by seed financing of the BMDW and the BMVIT, respectively, handled by the aws!” Last but not least we also hit another milestone, namely having our solution tested in the well-established Orthopaedic Hospital Vienna-Speising. Working together with experts, users and patients is probably the most important input for further product development. We are proud and beyond happy that, despite the pandemic and critical situations in hospitals, we can continue our journey to provide innovative services for physical rehabilitation.

reha buddy "founders Team" 2020
reha buddy founders 2020

New additions to the reha buddy family required a new space to be creative and work towards our vision: By the end of 2020 we moved into our new office at Impact Hub Vienna.

2021 – The story continues…

Continuation of cooperations and developments, spreading the word about our vision and solution, as well as making an impact to digitization of health care – our goals are clearly defined and our motivation unabated!

…because people should stay mobile and independent for as long as possible.

reha buddy, 2021