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reha buddy+ records objective movement data during standardized assessments. We help you document exactly how patients develop. Digitization is increasingly affecting orthopaedic hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. Medical and commercial managers also want objective data and transparency in rehabilitation. reha buddy digitizes standardized assessments. Stopwatch, pencil and measuring tape are replaced by a certified medical product and create a higher efficiency of staff deployment through the connection to the existing HIS. Without large investments, the rehab experience subsequently becomes more objective, efficient and results-oriented for both patients and therapists.

Innovation officers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are particularly interested in the following solutions:

6-Minute Walk Test

With reha buddy+ the 6MWT is not only evaluated automatically, but additional insights are also gained. For example, it shows how the walking speed develops over the 6 minutes. Further parameters, such as symmetry of movement, step length as well as stance and swing phase duration are already available experimentally.

6-Minute Walk Test

Timed Up and Go Test (TUG)

The TUG is evaluated automatically with reha buddy+. In addition to time, the sensor data allow the reaction time to be determined and broken down into individual phases (standing up, walking, turning around, sitting down).

Timed Up and Go Test (TUG)

Sit-to-Stand (StS)

In the StS, reha buddy+ automatically detects when people stand up and sit down. This makes it possible to evaluate different variations of the assessment (5 repetitions or 30 seconds).

Sit-to-Stand (StS)

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reha buddy - die digitale Bewegungsanalyse

Harald Jagoš, PhD
Harald Jagoš, PhDCEO & Co-Founder, reha buddy

It is never too late to jump on the digitalization bandwagon in order to be able to objectively assess treatment success.

Andrés Tkachenko Bril
Andrés Tkachenko BrilCTO & Co-Founder, reha buddy

Our mission is to help people remain independent and mobile for as long as possible.



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