reha buddy provides digitized gait analyses and assessments for physiotherapy in clinics and physical rehabilitation facilities

Digitization and physical rehabilitation: therapists are able to focus completely on the patient while we take care of documentation, data analysis and calculations. Let’s be honest: repetitive and monotonous desk work doesn’t have to be daily business in times of digitization and automation.


✓  Digitized mobility assessments

✓  Objective evaluation of therapy progress through automated analysis and easy-to-read illustrations 

✓  Integration into existing IT-Infrastructure – no effect on other processes 


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New Partnership with The Orthopaedic Hospital Vienna-Speising

We might have dropped a hint here and there. Now it’s time unveil big news: since July 2020 we are collaborating with The Orthopaedic Hospital Vienna-Speising! Our approach of spreading the word of our idea, ask for feedback, discuss potentials, seems to pay off! Mid 2020 was the start of a great collaboration between reha …

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Review: reha buddy!

Therapy monitoring is not just beneficial for clinics and therapists, but also patients. Find out more about the experiences of David S. The young father of three kids loves to really push himself in sportive activities like strength exercises or running, but also enjoys hikes with his family. In 2020 he has suffered from a …

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