reha buddy provides digitized gait analyses and assessments for physiotherapy in clinics and physical rehabilitation facilities

You are looking for a way to increase employee satisfaction? You want to eliminate inefficient processes? Your patients should be able to track their process with objective data? You think innovation and a modern reputation is what your health services need? It is time for reha buddy!

We see the steady increase of an aging population as an opportunity to improve the health system

There is nothing new about the fact that we, on average, get older than some decades ago. This development is great, but it comes with downsides in form of physical impairment – the most prominent one being the locomotor system not functioning properly anymore. That increases the risk for hip fractures or knee problems. During physical rehabilitation patients will most likely take different assessments that help to bundle the right measures and therapies.


Focus on the people: this is where we come into play. We know that a therapy follows rather standardized practices. Besides that, patients are usually not able  to monitor their own progress on a deeper level. It is time to bring more transparency and sensoric data into therapy in order to bring benefits to all parties involved.



Gait analysis of today is easy to carry out, saves therapists from redundant manual work, and does not require anything else than reha buddy’s solution. While 3D video systems are commonly used and hence can be seen as a gold standard, they are often too much of everything: very costly, take away a lot of space and need experts to operate them. The results are very good – but so are ours. 

At a glimpse

Transparency of therapy progress. Objective data tells much about the effectiveness and quality of taken therapy measures and helps to improve planning. Of course, we are complying to active data protection regulations at the same time.

Optimal use of time. Manual documentation takes a lot of time and is repetitive work. Our research shows that therapists appreciate being able to spend more time on actually helping the patient, while letting the app calculate norm values, handling assessments and prepare reports. 

Save money – know your processes. Only those who know the outputs of therapy measures, can react and design better processes. In the long run, reha buddy helps finding out where spending makes sense. Do patients benefit the same in all types of training? Group or individual? Are they supported besides therapy sessions? Use reha buddy as a tool to find out.

Foster motivation through innovative tools. We all love to find out that certain tasks in life can be accomplished much easier, right? Better output with less manual work is made possible through digitization in many spheres of our lives, why not welcoming it at work? Furthermore, we asked therapists what else motivates them when using reha buddy: “I finally see myself, based on data, how effective my work is and that I have a great impact on people’s health!”.

Innovation as a competitive advantage. Using reha buddy has a positive impact on your competitive advantage. You will set a new standard and be one a few steps ahead of your competitors.

Brilliant reputation among patients. Monitoring tools, smartwatches, fitness trackers and health tracking apps are only a few examples of tools people don’t want to miss anymore. Did you know that about 70% of Americans track their health with a wearable? – numbers rising. We see a similar trend in Austria and other european countries. It is quite obvious that people also want to see how their physiotherapy is going, based on data, displayed in graphs. If you can provide this information to your patients, that will definitely support your market position.

User-Centric Development

Over the time of developing the product we’ve spent a decent amount of time talking to users and asking for their feedback. But not only users, also CEOs of clinics and patients who have experience with our app have shared their opinion. Based on this, we have developed a system that serves everyone’s needs.

Especially in the field of healthcare and rehabilitation, feedback is essential to get best results in return. reha buddy is therefore not only based on science. It puts the user in the center. We offer tailored solutions to make a seamless implementation into your existing processes possible!