Find here the answers to our frequently asked questions. If yours couldn’t be answered, please get in touch with us directly!

Is the product a certified medical device?

Yes, our reha buddy+ app is certified according to the Medical Device Directive (MDD). The next update will be certified according to the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), for which studies are already happening.

Which requirements apply for using this product?

Basically, the use is not linked to any special technical requirements – the handling is intuitive and everything that is needed is supplied by us. The results are output in comprehensible graphics and values.

How can I purchase reha buddy?

Please get in touch with us!

Which benefits does reha buddy offer to users offside clinics (e.g. practicing doctors and physiotherapists)?

In fact, it has valuable benefits, especially for practicing doctors and physiotherapists! Those often need to have some kind of proof for the effectiveness of the treatment or the improvement the patient has made. Apart from that, it is a great opportunity to differentiate from competitors: in times of wearables and fitness trackers, people are getting used to monitoring progress and using innovative tools for improving their health.

Which functions will be available in the future?

New assessments are in the making as well as extending the list of available, relevant interfaces. Bear in mind: feedback is shaping our solution, we try to implement whatever is relevant for our customers!

Who can use reha buddy+?

reha buddy+ is an app for clinics and rehabilitation centers. In addition, however, we are always open to any further collaborations and partnerships that will help us to develop further. In this way, we will certainly also support the outpatient and home sector in the long term.

How accurate is the reha buddy+ App?

Very accurate! The average deviation is less than 0.05% of the total distance.

Can desired features be integrated into the app?


What benefits does reha buddy+ holds for my clinic?

The obvious added value is for the daily work of therapists: Time savings in documentation and a modern tool that makes work easier. Apart from that, reha buddy+ offers objective data about the success of treatment. This can contribute positively to strategic therapy planning and reveal optimization potential. Patients are now also used to receiving data about their fitness (smartwatches, fitness trackers) and will likely demand this in the near future in the medical field as well – anticipating this also has a positive effect on your reputation.