Find here the answers to our frequently asked questions. If yours couldn’t be answered, please get in touch with us directly!

Is the product a certified medical device?

Soon it is – we are working on the certification already. Paul spent months to provide all the necessary documentation and is currently busy finding the right firm to work with.

Which requirements apply for using this product?

Basically, there are no technical requirements from your side. Handling is very intuitive as well, and all you need is provided by reha buddy.

How can I purchase reha buddy?

Please get in touch with us!

Is there an app to download just to test and see how it works?

The app works on a smartphone that was tested and validated for exactly our purpose. Other smartphones might deliver data not as accurate as intended. We are working on providing a demo-video that demonstrates the use. In the meanwhile, we are inviting you to schedule a meeting with us where we can show you the app!

Do you offer a free trial?

We love to see you happy! Customer satisfaction is of course our highest priority. We do not offer a trial phase – we know that our current customers are happy with our product and service.

Which benefits does reha buddy offer to users offside clinics (e.g. practicing doctors and physiotherapists)?

In fact, it has valuable benefits, especially for practicing doctors and physiotherapists! Those often need to have some kind of proof for the effectiveness of the treatment or the improvement the patient has made. Apart from that, it is a great opportunity to differentiate from competitors: in times of wearables and fitness trackers, people are getting used to monitoring progress and using innovative tools for improving their health.

Which functions will be available in the future?

New assessments are in the making as well as extending the list of available, relevant interfaces. Bear in mind: feedback is shaping our solution, we try to implement whatever is relevant for our customers!

Who is the customer of this product?

We see clinics and rehabilitation centers as our customers in the first place. However, also practicing doctors will get a great benefit out of it. Apart from that, we are also open to find more ways to contribute to society, so we are always happy about new partners from various fields!