Digitized mobility assessments

Tests and assessments find their place in the reha buddy+ app. Our flagship product is the digitalized 6-minute walk test, which is already certified as a medical device and therefore meets the highest standards. Other assessments include the Timed-Up-and-Go Test, Sit-to-Stand Test, Y-Balance Test and many more. The connection to hospital information systems also ensures optimal information flow and efficiency.

The 6-Minute-Walk Test (6MWT), initially anchored in cardiology and pneumology, is nowadays also used in physiotherapy to assess physical capabilities: the patient walks for a total of 6 minutes on even ground of at least 30 meters of length, as many lanes as possible. The 6MWT is carried out once at the beginning of rehabilitation measures to get an impression of the status quo of the patient. The result is compared to a norm value that is calculated out of physical capability, weight, age and gender. At the end of therapy, another 6MWT is performed to see the overall improvement compared to the beginning. 

Currently, the 6MWT is an assessment with mostly manual tasks for the therapist: norm values are being calculated, distance is measured by counting lanes and time stopped with a stopwatch. Other information like gait symmetry is only subjectively collected.

Digitization meets Mobility-Assessment

The 6-Minute-Walk-Test automated 

Features & Functions

  • Adjustable time
  • Adjustable distance
  • Norm-value comparison following scientific parameters
  • Automatically produced reports
  • PDF export
  • Find all data on all your devices
  • Data protection compliant

reha buddy’s 6-Minute Walk Test (6MWT) is just more

Everything you need is a 30-meters lane and reha buddy’s app – the rest is automation! Minimal preperation, automated distance tracking and quantitative data collection instead of subjective (often qualitative) data. After the assessment you can explain the results to patients by using well-structured charts displaying the data in a clear manner. 

Apart from that, people are getting used to track their health status with fitness trackers, wearables and apps. It is not far-fetched to argue that we will have a spill-over effect in rehabilitation sometime soon.

The benefits are significant not only for therapists and patients, but also for clinic providers. They can easily track how efficient certain therapy measures are – which provides opportunities for service improvement on the long run. On the short run, benefits are visible through increased reputation and competitive advantage. You want to read more about these kind of benefits? Find more details here >>>