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100 Startups Made in Austria

We have been introduced as a Hidden Champion in the recently published book “100 Startups made in Austria”!

2020 was a busy year for reha buddy. New team members and our first long-term testing at a hospital (read more about our collaboration with the orthopedical hospital Speising), and also increased media presence. We are especially proud of being part of 100 Startups made in Austria that have been presented in the same-named book!

our copy of the book

Like other great startups (including huge names like Instahelp) we share our impressions on the following topics:

reha buddy contribution
  • Founding year
  • Expected exit
  • Investment
  • Financing
  • Founding story
  • Market reach
  • Lessons learned
  • COVID-19 response

As you can see in the pictures we feel pretty good about Austria as a country for founding a company and running a business. Our story began in the area of research and scientific work, and it was not until our participation in a Startup Camp by INITS that we had the right pre-conditions for founding reha buddy. We got our Preseed funding in 2018, followed by a Seed funding in 2020 – all made possible by aws. Read more about our story in the book!

Readers find company portraits to each of the 100 Startups Made in Austria, which have been selected through an online voting process. Besides these portraits, also current numbers and statistics about the Austrian landscape regarding entrepreneurship and innovation. Topped with contributions by Harald Mahrer and Margarete Schramböck, this book equipes you with all you need to know as an entrepreneur, investor or opinion leader. 

The book was produced by Venionaire Capital, Home Town Media GmbH (being the head and heart behind Metropole), as well as go-international, supported by Bundesministerium für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftstandort and Wirtschaftskammer Österreich.

You can order your copy through the Metropole-Onlineshop.